This writer did not grow up in New York; however, he has many strong, memorable experiences of the library from his home state. Nationwide, and even internationally, many libraries are in trouble and in desperate need of funding. Please contact your local branch and see how you can help today. Also, please consider donating or writing your elected official now! The library is many things to many different people; it is an abyssal democracy of plurality without end. Here, I tried to cull fragments of where my past and the library intersected, albeit not in any sense that would show up on administrator or an accountant's spreadsheet. While literacy, learning and entertainment are paramount, the 'library' itself as an abstraction is a multiplicity of experiences, subjectivities, desires, thoughts, venturings, investigations, exits, routines and chance encounters, all worth documenting and sharing. It is this abstraction of a unique spatial and temporal singularity in human existence that is 'the library' I hope here to highlight and illuminate.