Children are the most affected group by the remnants of war, by virtue of their childish curiosity with all strange bodies that they find in front of them, and their modest level of awareness and cognitive abilities to distinguish those colorful and attractive bodies, which they see as potential toys.

The remnants of war have snatched many children's lives and deprived some of them of their limbs and abilities, and consequently of their right to movement and access to lands, schools, and playgrounds necessary for their well-being. And because Awareness is the closest way to awaken children’s caution and to limit their eagerness to pick up any strange object they encounter near their schools, homes, or playgrounds, and their curiosity to enter dangerous places,

Free Fields Foundation, with the support of UNICEF Libya produced an awareness video with animation technology (Cartoons) for children in a simple and lovely way to give them RE awareness of the dangers of these strange bodies (Unexploded and explosive remnants of war), protect them and provide a safe environment for them.