After the 2011 Revolution the plight of the approx. 40,000 Tawergha IDPs living in squalid conditions in camps spread across the country and the possibility of their return became one of the most galvanizing issues for the international community and Libyans alike in the years following.After years of talks, a reconciliation agreement between notables from both cities was signed in June 2018, granting compensation for damages on both sides and promising to hold accountable any individuals guilty of committing crimes during the fighting.Jumma Jab Allah returned with his family to Tawergha to find the city destroyed and lacking of the basic necessities of life. Despite his home being badly damaged.

Ibrahim’s overwhelming desire to return forced him to stay and begin the long process of rebuilding. While he was reconnecting the water lines in his home he was surprised to find several UXO next to the sewer.“I had been informed about how to deal with explosive remnants of war and any strange objects by the Free Fields Foundation (3F) risk education team. So, I decided to report the objects to 3F and the Disposal team came within a few hours.”After the operation, Jumma was able to complete his work.

I am gracious for the work of 3F to make the community safer. Seeing my children playing around the house and going to school without anxiety makes me feel happy and that life is returning to normal.